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Today I Made Something.


When I woke up this morning at 6:17 am, I hadn’t planned on creating barefoot. I woke up to the sound of my phone gently buzzing against my bedside table. It took me a little longer to come to, due to the fact I was deep inside a dream. When my mind and my thoughts eventually traveled back to the gentle noise that had woken me up, I realized I’d missed a call. My partner was travelling for work and thought 6:17 am was the perfect time to have a chat.

Fast forward through the day, and it’s not much unlike any other. I met with two candidates who had applied for our CI Manager position. I learnt more about CI, and hopefully, we’ve found the one. I interviewed a witness in relation to some possible misconduct in the workplace. I analysed a newly created position, and based on industry data and my evaluation of the role requirements, decided on the appropriate remuneration to assign. I also enjoyed three cups of green tea. 

That’s just a snapshot of some of my day as a People and Capability Business Partner for the organisation I work for here in Melbourne. I like my job because it has a very fancy title.

But for me, my day job isn’t enough. No. I’m one of those mildly insane people who have a ‘side hustle’.

My first little hustle was born out of my love for creating art, and also a need to earn extra income, quickly, with little-to-no startup and initial outlay costs. I opened an Etsy Store, and subsequently my first online gallery. What’s so fantastic about Corinne Melanie Art is that most items are only fulfilled upon ordering. I have printers in various locations worldwide that can quickly and efficiently fulfill my orders and post them out to customers, without the artwork passing through my hands! I love this business model because 1) I don’t incur cost of sale until the customer pays me, and 2) I’m lazy efficient.

The pages you are reading today is side hustle no. 2. For the last few weeks I’ve been internally struggling with a need to create more time and more space, to well, create. I have reached a point in my life where there is so much to do, and so little time. Even as I attempt to streamline my life and outsource tasks (hire a cleaner, meal deliveries, the list goes on), I just can’t find the time to get all of my ideas out of my head and onto paper.

Somehow, I found inspiration this evening to create this online space, to document my journey. How does one juggle creative ventures with an exciting corporate career? How can we do this while enjoying life in it’s richest and most raw form, living slowly, and living in the moment? How do we make time for adventure? And most importantly, how can we do it without having to wear shoes for as much of it as possible?

Hopefully, we will all find some answers along the way on this Barefoot Boss journey. 

If you are reading this I want to say thank you. I hope in some way this space helps to connect you and I, and like-minded individuals who love to create, who love to work hard, but in balance and harmony with a rich and fulfilling life; full of down time, toes in the sand, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Now, what to do tomorrow…

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